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I am more than happy to send out review copies of my new releases to bloggers/reviewers of Second Life products.  We usually release 3-6 new products per month and ask that you blog at least one of our items per month.  Your blog must be syndicated through some of the many wonderful SL Fashion Feeds.  Although it is not mandatory, a link exchange to my blog would be greatly appreciated. I will then link to your blog in my blogroll. Please send me a notecard in Second Life with your request and/or questions. Be sure to include the following information:

– Your full Second Life name
– Your blogger name (if different from your SL name)
– A link to your blog(s)
– Your guidelines on how to submit products for review on your blog

I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

P.S. A slurl link on your blog to my in world shop would be fantastic, but is not required. Ü




I am currently accepting review copies for consideration.  If you wish to send review copies please follow the instructions below:

1.) Create a folder named “Review items – [Shop name] Date“ with the items to be reviewed and a notecard including the following:

– Your complete SL avatar name
– Your SL shop name
– Landmark of your mainstore
– SLURL to your SL shop
– Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etc…
– A product picture (optional)
– Your Marketplace store link (optional)
– Marketplace link to item (optional)

2.) Drop the folder on Talia Barak in SL


You must be the creator of the item(s). I do not support content theft.
I will do my best to post items that are sent to me.  It may take some time though since I do not blog daily.

Thank you for your interest

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